Beauty Angel Light Therapy

Beauty Angel Light Therapy  

Beauty Angel Light therapy is an innovative concept of light and wellness therapy that fulfills the desire for a gentle and natural skin rejuvenation. The ‘beauty’ light of the collagen lamps is absorbed by the skin cells and increases the body-like production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron. With regular use, wrinkles are reduced, the skin is visibly tighter and the overall skin image improved. The effects of skin aging are naturally reduced with this treatment.
This really is the ideal treatment to reverse signs of ageing and an effective and kind way and to regain your natural shine!

Proven operation

The treatment with light with a special frequency has been used successfully in the medicine and cosmetics industry for many years; Numerous scientific studies prove the efficacy. The effectiveness of Beauty Angel is confirmed by a comprehensive study in a physiological institute and by a scientific project from Ulm University. After only one month, 80% of the test subjects found a softer skin and more than 60% of multiple visual effects.

Direct results 

  • Soft and supple skin
  • Moisture in the skin is improvedBeauty Angel Light Therapy
  • More light intensity for the skin
  • Finer pores and better skin image
  • Relaxation and good health

Long term results 

  • The connective tissue is filled with collagen, elastin and hyaluron
  • Reduction of wrinkles in the face and décolleté
  • Age and pigment spots reduced

AZRA’S TIP: “Beauty Angel is not only great for your skin but it is also a secret weapon against the winter blues. The specific wave length of the collagen light leads to well-being and increased circulation in the treated area, even in the cold months. Give it a try!”   

Please note treatments may be shortened or extended. Listed timings are average.

Beauty Angel Basic  (5x  for €250)

Cleaning, peeling, serum, 15 min Beauty Angel collagen light, serum, oil, day cream & Jane Iredale mineral protection.

30 min €55 Book now
Beauty Angel Special (5x for €310)

Cleaning, peeling, face massage, mask, 15 min Beauty Angel collagen light, serum, oil, day cream & Jane Iredale mineral protection.

45 min €65 Book now
Beauty Angel VIP (5x for €725)

Cleaning, peeling, Meta Therapy by Dermatude, mask, 15 min. Angel collagen light.

90 min €155 Book now