8 Things to know about wimperextensions and contact lenses

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​Whether you’re considering getting them for a glamorous event or to add volume to your natural lashes, wimperextensions are a great way to get that dramatic look. But what about wimperextensions and contact lenses? Is it safe to get extensions? Our answer is yes. But! There are a few things you should keep in mind before going glam. Here are our 8 tips on what to consider when it comes to wimperextensions and contact lenses.

wimperextensions and contact lenses

1. Get it done professionally

​If you wear contact lenses it’s a good idea to have your wimperextensions applied by a beauty professional in a reputable salon. They have more experience, can take extra care of sensitive eyes and know which products are suitable for you. Go ahead and tell them more about what look you had in mind and whether you want the lashes for a special event or for more everyday lush. A good salon will help you find the best solution. All you need then to do is sit back and relax.

2. Take your contact lenses out first

When you’re getting your wimperextensions done, be sure to take your contact lenses out before. You can either do that at the salon or at home. If you do it at the beauty salon, make sure bring a container for your contact and of course your glasses.

3. Stay away from glitter or crystals

As dashing as glitter or crystals might look on wimperextensions, if you’re wearing contact lenses glitter or crystals increase the risk of getting into contact with your lenses. ​Rather add glamour to your eyes with some extravagant eye shadow.

4. Choose a hypoallergenic product

When you decide to go for wimperextensions, you should always choose eyelashes and glue that is hypoallergenic. That’s especially true if you wear contact lenses. Go for synthetic eyelashes that contain no chemical additives or animal material. Also make sure that the glue does not contain harmful ingredients. Cyanoacrylates-based glue is a good option as it is especially created for wimperextensions. Misencil for example uses this type of glue. This is the safest way to prevent any allergic reactions or unnecessary irritation. If you’re allergic to certain metals, let your beautician knowso they can use the appropriate tweezers. A great option for this are ones with a golden tip.

5. Go for humidity and heat resistant

In order to enjoy your wimperextensions for a long time and to ensure that no lashes or glue come into contact with your eyes or contact lenses, choose an wimperextension brand that is proven to be water and heat resistant. After all, you still want to look your best when dancing or even at a pool party.

6. Removing makeup? Lenses out first!

It’s been a long day and you’re about to take your make up off? Make sure that you take out your contact lenses first to avoid damaging them with cosmetic residue or irritating your eyes through make up remover. You should also stay away from oil-based make up removers as these affect the eyelash extension glue.

7. Give yourself a gap

​It’s great to look glamorous and lush with full eyelashes. Keeping in mind that you’re wearing contact lenses however, you should give your eyes a regular break. So instead of consecutively renewing your wimperextensions give your eyes a break and return to a natural look in between.

8. Keep it subtle

Very bold and heavy wimperextensions have been known to funnel ​air flow into the eye. This can lead to dryness and irritation. If you really want to go for the extra ​look, make sure you don’t keep the glamorous lashes on for too long. A more subtle version that enhances your natural lashes is a better option for those wearing contact lenses.

Professional wimperextensions at ASPA

We’re experienced when it comes to wimperextensions and contact lenses ​and work with Misencil, an  wimperextension brand that fulfils all above mentioned safety and quality guidelines. As an established brand manufactured in Canada, it is one of the safest and most durable products on the market. Misencil also consistently educates and trains beauticians to ensure the safest possible application and overall handling of Misencil products. You can book your Miscnecil wimperextension appointment at ASPA here. 

Want to know more about wimperextensions and contact lenses?

Do you want to find out more about wimperextensions and contact lenses or learn more about Misencil, the brand we use here at ASPA? Feel free to give us a call at ​+31 (0) 70 345 0215 or send us an E-mail at  info@aspadirect.com.

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