Collagen Booster Massage in Den Haag at ASPA

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The Collagen Booster Massage or also known as  connective tissue massage gives the best effect if done weekly for 10-15 times. As the treatment progresses, the tissue becomes more supple and the structure of the skin looks better and better. The skin gets better blood circulation and waste products are removed faster. 

The effects of Collagen Booster massage at ASPA

It provides:

  • Improvement of the skin condition
  • Stimulation of blood circulation in the skin
  • Stress reduction by lifting the subcutaneous adhesions
  • Improving the absorption of active ingredients
  • New production of collagen
  • Promotion of cell division

How does Collagen Booster massage work?

A young, tight and wrinkle-free face consists of good connective tissue on the inside. This connective tissue is full of collagen and elastin. The content of the collagen and elastin is then very high in our connective tissue. During the aging of the skin, less collagen and elastin are produced in the connective tissue.  The skin becomes weaker, resulting in wrinkles!

In connective tissue massage, the bottom layer of the skin, the subcutaneous connective tissue, is stimulated. By massaging the stress / adhesions from the skin, the entire area is treated. A Collagen Booster massage promotes blood circulation, accelerates the removal of waste products and improves the effectiveness of the muscles. A cosmetic connective tissue massage has a cell-renewing effect, the skin looks younger and firmer.

A connective tissue massage is a good way to improve the skin condition. The treatment increases blood flow and activates the metabolism. This massage is suitable as a wrinkle and scar treatment. It is very important that the connective tissue massage is properly applied to the middle and lower skin layers. 

Collagen Booster massage with Botox and / or Fillers

The connective tissue massage is recommended as a pre-treatment for treatments with botox and / or fillers, because it ensures that subcutaneous adhesions are dissolved, so that botox and / or fillers can be injected into the skin more easily. After the treatment of botox and / or fillers, no connective tissue massage should be done for 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks, fine connective tissue massage can be performed again.

The connective tissue massage gives the best effect in the form of a cure. As the course progresses, the tissue becomes smoother and the structure of the skin looks better and better. The skin gets better blood flow and lymph waste is removed faster. Usually a course of 10 to 15 treatments is needed, preferably once a week. The Collagen Booster is a powerful and intense deep tissue massage technique that brings additional activity to the lower skin layer, stimulating the natural production of collagen and strengthening the elastin fibres. The results will amaze you.

Please note treatments may be shortened or extended. Listed timings are average.

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