First Time Facial Including Skin Analysis

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First Time Facial Including Skin Analysis

Diagnosis and customization are key when you first come to visit us. This visit is a deep dive into your individual skin care concerns and personalized treatment plan, along with a customized premium facial. This appointment allows your skin therapist to proactively diagnose, treat and recommend exactly what your skin needs, resulting in your best skin ever.

We need to understand what products you’re currently using so please bring them (or a list of them) to your appointment.

Our skin therapists have years of experience working with effective ingredients and protocols that have been proven to improve multiple skin concerns. Creating the correct skin care routine requires knowledge and understanding of specific ingredients and how they impact the skin. The products you use at home will both enhance the results of our treatments and get your skin to its healthiest state. 

90 minutes: 120 euro Book now!
Note: Your first time visit is an 90 minute treatment, which includes a thorough skin analysis and custom premium facial. Please note treatments may be shortened or extended. Listed timings are average.
Lasting protection 

To protect your skin after your facial treatment, we apply a light layer of Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. In fact, we use the finest products from AZRA Botanical SimplicitySynergie SkinHydropeptide,  Oilixia and Alpha-H for all our facials.