How to deal with adult acne?

We had the new client in today and spoke about her struggles with adult acne at the age of 47.

We recommended the combination of topical skincare such as AHA’s and Salicylic acid to remove dead skin buildup in pores. Furthermore, vitamins A and B to reduce excess oil production and reduce inflammation. Gentle SLS-free cleanser twice a day. Our favourite skincare brands are EmerginC and Synergie Skin.

To further improve the skin condition we recommended mineral make up such as Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up. Avoid make up containing oils that can clog pores.

Diet- focus on healthy diet and reduce dairy intake! Actually, the gut health and the lifestyle are one of the most important parts to check and improve. Lifestyle- book your treatment with gut specialist and at ASPA we work with Martine Trouw.

Reduce stress as much as possible.

ASPA Treatments-book your facials and peels at ASPA and stick to the treatment plan that we recommend at ASPA as acne treatment takes the time and the dedication. Call us on 0703450215.

Here is the review of one of the happy clients: