ALPHA-H Liquid Gold


with 5% glycolic acid, liquorice extract and silk proteins (pH 2.5)

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The ‘secret’ of this worldwide bestseller lies in the combination of 5% glycolic acid and the low pH value of the product: glycolic acid is only really effective in combination with a low pH value.
4-in-1: acts as a tonic, serum, moisturizer and exfoliant at the same time; and works as an ‘overnight facial’: because it gives an immediate visible effect the next morning!
Ideal Lazy Girl’s Night product: clean, apply Liquid Gold and preferably nothing afterwards for the most optimal effect!
Immediately gives the skin a smoother, fresher, clearer, fuller and tighter appearance
The high dose of glycolic acid i.c.m. low pH boosts collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, improving hydration and plumping / tightening the skin
Glycolic acid and licorice root help tackle wrinkles, pigmentation, blemishes and sun damage. Suitable for all skin types; even sensitive skin! Particularly in case of loss of elasticity, (premature) aging, dull / uneven skin tone, pigment / age spots, thickened (smoker’s) skin, acne, scars, open or enlarged pores.

5% GLYCOLIC ACID: boosts skin cell renewal, removes dead skin cells, improves hydration and brightens and evens out the complexion.
LIQUORICE EXTRACT: brightens complexion, dark spots and pigmentation. Helps regulate sebum production and refine pores.
SILK PROTEINS: proteins (identical to proteins of the skin) that can bind up to 330x their own weight in moisture, so highly hydrating. In addition, it helps to even out and improve the complexion.


Only in the evening and every other evening. Apply with a cotton ball or (clean!) Fingertips. Tingling can occur in the 1st days, this is a normal reaction that disappears within a few minutes.

Preferably do not follow with serum and / or moisturizer to take full advantage of the high dose of glycolic acid. Following up with other products increases the pH value, which reduces the effectiveness of glycolic acid.

With sensitive skin, it is recommended to follow up with a moisturizer; this way one has the advantages of the high dose of glycolic acid without, if necessary. sensitivity.