PRX-T33 Skin-Booster in Den Haag at ASPA

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PRX-T33 Skin-Booster – Anti-Aging

The PRX-T33 Skin-Booster is a new treatment method intended to improve skin structure and condition quickly and long-term. The most important active components are hydrogen peroxide, TCA and kojic acid. The unique composition of TCA with hydrogen peroxide allows the serum to cross the skin barrier at different speeds at different depths. The aging process is delayed and the skin is revitalized without damaging it. The booster stimulates the skin to renew, allowing us to achieve long-lasting results and restores the complexion and elasticity of the skin. Immediately after the treatment you see an improved complexion and a healthy glow. The booster also stimulates the formation of fibroblasts and growth factors that help to delay the aging process. The skin will tighten and wrinkles and skin folds will be considerably reduced.

What does the treatment look like?

During treatment, the PRX-T33 Skin-Booster serum is applied to the treatment area. If the 1st layer is done, new layers are applied. The amount of layers required depends on the thickness of the skin and this is viewed prior to treatment. After the treatment, the skin is cleaned and the skin will immediately look fresh and radiant. In the days following the treatment, the skin will look fuller and lines will be less noticeable. The treatment itself is short and takes approximately 20 -30 minutes.

For which indications is this treatment suitable?

· Volume loss

· Skin relaxation

· Fine lines and light wrinkles

· (Acne) scars

· Dull / dull complexion

How often do I do this treatment?

It is best to start with a course of 3-5 treatments, each time with a 10 day break. After the full course, the result can be kept up with a monthly or two monthly treatment.

What does the downtime look like?

An irritating sensation can be experienced during the treatment itself. The day after the treatment the skin may appear slightly red, but this will disappear quickly (within a day). A slight shedding may occur in the days following treatment.

For whom?

Suitable for both men and women of any age, at any time of the year.

5 – 12 years; scars (chicken pox scars)
12-25 years; (smooths the skin structure and facilitates the removal of impurities)
25 – 35 years; (prevention with skin aging, stretch marks)
35 – 45 years; (natural revitalization of the face and body, skin aging prevention, sagging skin cleavage)
from 45 years; (skin aging, sagging skin, sagging skin cleavage)

PRX-T33 Skin Booster 20-30 min €95 Book now
PRX-T33 & microneedling face 45 min €150 Book now
PRX-T33 & microneedling neck & decolleté 45 min €150 Book now