Skin Analysis in Den Haag at ASPA

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Personalised skin care consultation

No two people have the same skin, or skin issues. Everything we do at ASPA is bespoke – we take you on a skin journey for your skin and your needs. We don’t like to treat the skin without a consultation. This includes in-depth photos with a specialised camera (Visia Complexion Analysis), and lifestyle analysis. We can’t help until we know what is happening underneath the surface. These photos help us track your skins journey. We will also recommend a range of skin care products that we think will help best with your skin concerns.

In order to effectively address skin issues, we recommend that Skin Analysis consultation is your first port of call. You will learn about your skin on a deeper level and how your lifestyle is influencing your skin and we will work toward creating the change your skin needs. We need to understand what products you’re currently using so please bring them (or a list of them) to your appointment. 

Visia Skin Analysis Machine
Personalised Skin Analysis 30 min €45 Book now

To protect your skin after your facial treatment, we apply a light layer of Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. In fact, we use the finest products from AZRA Botanical SimplicitySynergie SkinHydropeptide,  Oilixia and Alpha-H for all our facials.