Skin Peels At ASPA

Glorious September and time to start with skin peels again.

Here at ASPA we offer a selection of different peels to suit every skin type.

Let us introduce it to you:


Blue Poppy Enzyme Polish

A synergistic blend of enzymatic and gentle physical exfoliants combine to effectively remove dead skin cells and smooth uneven skin tone and texture, leaving your complexion brighter and more radiant. Contains a proprietary blend of raspberry, papaya and mushroom enzymes and physical exfoliants of blue poppy seeds, diatomaceous earth and tea tree leaf powder.

skin types: All skin types. use: 1-3 times a week

skin care concerns: effectively remove dead skin cells and smooth uneven skin tone and texture,

results: Helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts, blackheads, skin congestion, dehydration, and pigmentation

active ingredients: Raspberry Ketone, Papaya Fruit Extract, Mucor Miehei Extract, Blue Poppy Seeds, Diatomaceous Earth, Tea Tree Leaf Powder, Licorice Extract, Turmeric Powder, Grape Fruit Peel Extract.

Multi-Fruit Acid Peel

An intensive, active peel to help rapidly renew the skin’s complexion.

skin types: All skin types.

results: Rapidly removes dead skin cells, renews complexion, and improves tone and texture.

application tips: Apply a thin layer on clean skin. Leave on for 3-7 minutes then remove thoroughly with cool, wet cotton or cloth.

active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Sugar Cane Extract, Bilberry Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Grapefruit Oil.


Triple Threat Peel

An intensive, active peel to help rapidly renew complexion.

skin type: All skin types except very sensitive. Excellent for devitalized, hyper-pigmented, and breakout-prone skin.

skin care concerns: Pigmentation, sun damage, breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture.

result: Rapidly removes dead skin cells, renews complexion, and improves skin tone and texture.

active ingredients: Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Retinol, Pine Bark Extract, Fig Extract.

Pine Bark Extract is very interesting ingredient. Potent, natural antioxidant. In skin care, pine bark extract helps to increase elasticity and hydration.


Pro Enzyme ONE Fruit Mask

Skin Types:Normal skin Dry skin, Oily skin Sensitive skin

Skin Conditions: Dry or Dehydrated skin Uneven complexion Bride to be Sun damaged skin Photoageing skin Dull and Lifeless skin Large pores Congested skin Blemished skin Diffused redness Capillary damage Weak skin

active ingredients:

Papaya (Papain enzyme): Instantly exfoliates the surface cor-neocytes by breaking down the proteinase that’s holds theunwanted surface cells together.

Pineapple (Bromelain enzyme): Has powerful antibacterial properties whilst assisting Papain in the removal of dead skin cells

Bentonite (Green Clay): Draws and clears oil and toxins from within pores and surface layers.

Pro Enzyme TWO Flower Mask

Skin Types: All skin types

Skin Conditions: Sluggish skins Impaired pH levels Thickened skin Stressed skin Congested skin Blemished skin Blocked open pores Lifeless and Dull skin Diffused redness Acne and Acne scarring

active ingredients::

Bentonite (Green Clay): drawing and detoxifying clay, used to remove impurities form blocked pores.

Rice Starch: soothes redness and brightens a sluggish com- plexion.

  •   Hibiscus Flower: uses Flower Acids to very gently remove and dissolve the surface layers of dead skin.
  •   Arnica Flower: softens bruising and speeds up the healing process.
  •   Chamomile Essential Oil: powerful calming and healing properties.
  •   Petals: allow a mechanical exfoliation technique to further breakdown the unwanted dead skin build up.

Pro X Gel

30% Glycolic Acid Peel pH: 3

Skin Types: Dry skin Oily skin Normal skin

Skin Conditions: Collagen poor skins. Mature, Thickened skin Lines and Wrinkles Problematic skin Large or Blocked pores Loss of skin tone Uneven complexion Dehydrated skin. Sun damaged skin

active ingredients:

30% Glycolic Acid: Removes the intracellular glue holding keratinocytes together causing unwanted dead skin build-up. Thickens the epidermis whilst thinning out the stratum corneum promoting a firmer skin with a more even complexion. Increases the production of ground substance within the dermal layer and encourages a faster more youthful cell turnover.

Hyaluronic Acid: Increases epidermal hydration, promotingthe natural production and absorption of GAG’s and Hyaluronic Acid. Plumps fine lines and wrinkles, firm’s skintone and increases cell hydration.

Herbal Extracts; Chamomile, Mistletoe, Yarrow, Fennel, Balm Mint: Soothing and healing, regenerating and rejuvenating.

Precision Peel

40% Combination Acid Peel

Skin Types: Oily skin Normal skin

Skin Conditions: Problematic skin Large and Blocked pores Excessive oil flow Excess keratinisation Hormonal acne Hormonal pigment Sun damage Mottled pigment Acne or Acne scarring Pre mature ageing Photo damage Thickened skin

active ingredients:

20% Salicylic Acid: Derived from willow tree bark. An oil soluble exfoliator; excellent for problem skins. Is lipophilic acid and thus penetrates active acne lesions quickly.
10% Mandelic Acid: Derived from bitter almonds. It helps to strengthen collagen, delaying and even reversing the appear- ance of wrinkles on the skin, anti-bacterial properties and helps regulate sebum production. Breaks up hyperpigmenta- tion and promotes a more uniform skin tone.

10% Lactic Acid: Derived from sour milk. It aids in the remov- al of dead skin, increasing cell turnover whilst hydrating the skin. It can be used for the treatment of acne, wrinkles, pso- riasis, keratosis pilaris and hyperkeratosis. It may be used on slightly sensitive or allergy prone skin.

PRX-T33 No Needle Skin Booster

The latest treatment trend direct boost for the skin and natural anti-aging treatment.

A new treatment method without the use of needles with a direct visible effect!

results: Intensive hydration, restores lost appearance, tone and elasticity
Improves the skin structure and condition of the skin
Gives the skin an unprecedented revitalization without damaging the skin
Stimulates the formation of fibroblasts and growth factors
Creation of collagen and elastin fibers
active ingredients:
PRX-T33 No-Needle-Skin-Booster is different from all other products on the market.
The patented formula has a completely different effect as a peeling or commonly used skin boosters.
The breakthrough is the unique composition by combining trichloroacetic acid (TCA) with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on a very accurate PH level. The two substances interact at the cellular level and give the skin an unprecedented revitalization without damaging the skin.

If you are not sure which peel/ facial to book, we suggest you to book Skin Analysis and we can determine the correct peel for you!

Hope to see you in ASPA soon!

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