Massage Treatments in Den Haag at ASPA

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The best Massage Treatments

The right massage treatment for you – fully personalized

Massage treatments at ASPA are the best in Den Haag! At ASPA you can enjoy a complete massage treatment range, from relaxing to deep tissue. In fact, the one way thing they have in common is that stress and tension disappear. You will feel renewed and balanced. Moreover, our therapists are trained in different massage styles and will discuss with you your body and mind condition before starting the treatment. Curious to try an Aromatherapy massage, for instance? Our therapist will help you choose a natural massage oil – or blend – to match what your body and mind need. We have 12 award winning Aromatherapy Associates oils to pick from!

Pregnant? We’ve got you covered.

We also offer massages for pregnant women. Please mention that you are pregnant when booking your favourite massage.

“Azra and her team always have excellent personalised advice, are super efficient and very friendly. Each visit turns into a truly relaxing experience” – Ellie D.

Please note treatments may be shortened or extended. Listed timings are average.

Deep tissue massage 90 min €95 Book now
Relax aromatherapy massage 60 min €69 Book now
Relax aromatherapy massage 90 min €95 Book now
Pregnancy massage 60 min €69 Book now