Massage Treatments in Den Haag at ASPA

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The best Massage Treatments & Renata França’s Method

The right massage treatment for you – fully personalized 

Massage treatments at ASPA are the best in Den Haag! At ASPA you can enjoy a complete massage treatment range, from relaxing to deep tissue. In fact, the one way thing they have in common is that stress and tension disappear. You will feel renewed and balanced.  Moreover, our therapists are trained in different massage styles and will discuss with you your body and mind condition before starting the treatment. Curious to try an Aromatherapy massage, for instance? Our therapist will help you choose a natural massage oil – or blend – to match what your body and mind need. We have 12 award winning Aromatherapy Associates oils to pick from!

Pregnant? We’ve got you covered.

We also offer massages for pregnant women. Please mention that you are pregnant when booking your favourite massage.

Renata França’s Method

But we don’t just do massages!

 This method is a combination of remodeling and fat reducing massage maneuvers with lymphatic drainage developed by Brazilian therapist Renata França. The technique was created and patented by Renata Franca ten years ago, when nobody thought that this two-in-one method would be possible. It works like an immediate manual liposculture that ensures skin uniformity and enhances muscle definition. Its unique method reduces measures and swelling and transforms skin texture with results that are visible in the first session. Continuous treatment using this technique ensures a perfect silhouette and a highly modeled body.  

Renata Franca created new types of maneuvers that produce more effective results than those of traditional massages on the silhouette or of the face. 
The benefits of Renata França’s method ?

  • activates the lymphatic and venous system both providing immediate benefits
  • treats fluid retention,
  • reduces centimeters,
  • relieves abdominal pain, discomfort and intestinal transit disorders,
  • provides a feeling of light legs,
  • optimizes cellulite loss,
  • refines silhouette
  • boosts your immune system.

We recommend: 
  • as part of support for weight loss, fibrous, fat cellulite or big retention, we recommend one session per week for minimum 5 weeks, ideal is 10 weeks. 
  • and a one-session maintenance every 4-weeks
  • one session per month to boost your immunity and especially  we recommend  to do drainage at the change of autumn and spring seasons
  • it is recommended to do a lymphatic drainage session before starting the remodeling. A personal treatment plan is made during your first appointment. Together, we determine your expectations and establish a program to achieve your goals.
What is the role of the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is our body’s “sewerage system’’. It maintains fluid levels in our body tissues by removing all fluids that leak out of our blood vessels. The lymphatic system is important for the optimal  functioning of our general specific immune system.

Important: If you have one of these contraindications: asthma, renal failure, hyperthyroidism, hypotension, heart problems, risk of phlebitis and thrombosis, fever, inflammatory or infectious processes, cancer and still wish to receive treatment, this may only be possible with medical authorization.
Pregnant women: not recommended.
Full Body session 75 min – 125 €
Body & Face session 105 min – 170 €
Cure of 10 sessions 75 min – 1150 €
Cure of 5 sessions 75 min – 595 €



Before & After

“Azra and her team always have excellent personalised advice, are super efficient and very friendly. Each visit turns into a truly relaxing experience” – Ellie D.

Please note treatments may be shortened or extended. Listed timings are average.

Renata França’s Full Body session 75 min €125 Book now
Renata França’s Body  & Face session 105 min €170 Book now
Deep tissue massage 90 min €85 Book now
Relax aromatherapy massage 60 min €62 Book now
Relax aromatherapy massage 90 min €85 Book now
Pregnancy massage 60 min €62 Book now
Back, Neck and Shoulder massage 40 min €49 Book now