Laser Hair Removal & Waxing with Lycon in Den Haag at ASPA

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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment for unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is suitable for light and dark skins. Pigmented hair can be permanently removed with laser hair removal.

The hair removal laser, the FormaTK Spark Pro, produces a very highly concentrated pure light beam of a wavelength of 810 nanometers. This light beam is only emitted on the skin for a fraction of a second. The pigment of the hair absorbs the laser light and converts the light into heat. The heat causes destruction of the nutrient medium in the hair follicle, so that it is no longer able to develop a new hair.

Prior to the laser treatment, it is important that you do not epilate, wax or use the string method yourself more than six weeks in advance. An “empty” hair follicle cannot absorb light and cannot be treated effectively. The laser treatment is most effective and safe on fair skin. That is why we strongly advise not to expose the area to be treated to the sun or tanning bed for at least six weeks before the treatment.

During your first visit it is important that the hairs are clearly visible. The skin therapist can then determine the hair type, precise depth and localization of the hair follicle. This is necessary in order to properly set up the laser equipment during treatment.

After each treatment, less hair will return and the hair will be thinner and less stiff. Except for any light hairs and small down hairs, the dark hairs will eventually disappear. The skin will also be smoother and less ingrown hair, inflammation and irritation from shaving will be visible.

It is possible that in the future new hair follicles will be activated or down hairs will turn to thicker hair. This process can occur independently of the laser treatment, for example due to hormonal influences, hereditary predisposition or use of medication.

On average, six to eight treatments are required. This has to do with the different growth phases in which the hair is located. With dark hair and a light skin type (high contrast), fewer treatments can give the desired result. With light hair and a tinted skin (little contrast), more treatments are sometimes required.

The exact number of treatments differs per person and cannot always be predicted in advance by the skin therapist. During the treatment period, progress will be regularly evaluated with you. Unwanted facial hair growth is best treated every six weeks. Eight weeks applies to body hair. At the end of the treatment period, remaining hairs come through slowly, which can shift the interval to every nine to twelve weeks.

Please note that treatments can be shortened or extended for maximum comfort.

Upper lip €50 Book now
Sideburns €80 Book now
Forehead €60 Book now
Face cheeks €100 Book now
Chin €50 Book now
Jawline €75 Book now
Throat €100 Book now
Face excl. neck €150 Book now
Face incl. neck €200 Book now
Underarms €75 Book now
Full arms €120 Book now
Upper arms €75 Book now
Lower arms €75 Book now
Breasts female €120 Book now
Breasts male €150 Book now
Belly female €120 Book now
Belly men €150 Book now
Upper legs €120 Book now
Bikini excl. butt seam €75 Book now
Bikini incl. butt seam €100 Book now
Full legs €175 Book now
Half legs €145 Book now
Neck €75 Book now
Full back €150 Book now
Shoulders €140 Book now
Areola €60 Book now
Belly mark €60 Book now

Waxing & Smooth Skin with Lycon at ASPA Den Haag

Brazilian wax doesn’t have to be scary or painful. On the contrary. At ASPA Den Haag you will be taken care of by waxing specialists! We use Australian-made Lycon wax, which easily removes stubborn hair as short as 1 mm like no other, with superior results for both women and men.

Our treatments are carried out according to the highest hygiene standards. Your comfort and wellbeing are crucial to us. Thus, treatments may be shortened or extended for your maximum comfort.

Brazilian wax/Hollywood €45 Book now
Half leg €28 Book now
Full leg €38 Book now
High bikini €35 Book now
Half leg & basic bikini €45 Book now
Half leg & high bikini €55 Book now
Full leg & basic bikini €50 Book now
Full leg & high bikini €59 Book now
Underarm (only to book in combination with a facial or another waxing treatment)  €15 Book now
Half arm €28 Book now
Full arm €32 Book now
Chest €35 Book now
Back €35 Book now
Lip or chin (only to book in combination with a facial or another waxing treatment)  €10 Book now
Full face

€45 Book now

100% Care & Protection

Lycon is formulated with the finest resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy to pamper even the most sensitive skin during, for instance, your Brazilian wax. Moreover, ASPA truly spoils you with Lycon waxes with gorgeous aromas such as coco, chocolate, berries or lavender. For the best and smoothest results, we also use Lycon harmonising lotions before and after your treatment.

Gentle & soothing 

At ASPA in Den Haag waxing is not just a treatment, it is a soothing and calm beauty journey!

“At ASPA you always get the most up-to-date techniques and products, plus fabulous personal service. They know how to look after their clients!”