Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil 55ml


Ervaar het rustgevende effecten van lavendel, ylang ylang en petitgrain om je te ontspannen na een drukke dag.

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Aromatherapy Associates’s first invention and the milestone of their product philosophy for over 30 years. The brand has developed a deep understanding of the truly powerful effects of essential oils on the body and mind. Their multi-award winning Bath & Shower Oils are the purest form of their philosophy and continue to be their most beloved and respected collection. The experience for the first time is unforgettable and continues to surprise and delight every day.

Stop for a moment to relax in the gently restful aromas of Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil. Blending the finest high-altitude grown Lavender, prized Ylang Ylang and nurturing wood notes of Petitgrain, it eases away thoughts of hectic days, so you emerge tranquil, calm and restored.
Ervaar het rustgevende effecten van lavendel, ylang ylang en petitgrain om je te ontspannen na een drukke dag.