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Daily Support Oil
A facial/ body oil is essential – it will literally replace the glow on a face! Our DAILY SUPPORT OIL is lightweight and absorbs easily. It is powered by lipid-rich botanical actives and oil and focuses on instant calming whilst helping to reduce moisture loss and the appearance of redness. […]

Daily Support Oil- NEW PRODUCT!

Super Glow Vitamin C Serum
Azra Botanical Simplicity launches  Super Glow Serum that evens out the complexion and does few other things with the help of 20% stable Vitamin C, liquorice extract and peptides. * Vitamin C  prevents hyper pigmentation. Super Glow Serum uses Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, the oil soluble vitamin C.  Tetra in the name indicates it is oil […]

Super Glow Vitamin C Serum -NEW PRODUCT

Daily Support Oil
We love good skincare formulations which contain quality ingredients! Let’s talk about our favourite ones and we will start with Bakuchiol. It is so-called natural alternative of retinol and is an interesting and rising ingredient. Who is it for? All skin types and skin concerns. How to use it? Anytime, […]

The Unknown Story About Bakuchiol

Dear ASPA friends & clients, We would like to share with you some great news and our November offer. We did independent clinical study of 56 days on our DAY NIGHT CREAM. It was done on the group of people age 25-60 years old. The aim of this clinical study was to […]

How to minimise your wrinkles? We have a solution!

EVERYBODY HAS PORES We hear very often that pores are too big, too visable! Remember, unless you are a dolphin (which you are not if you are reading this), you have pores. That is okay! Social media filters may give people glass skin, but in real life, skin has pores […]


Dear ASPA friends & clients, As we embark on September, let us help you start the month on the best possible note. Our curated collection of top facial treatments is here to restore your skin’s radiance and brightness. The sun’s powerful rays can take a toll on our skin, leading […]

Post Summer Treatments- Our top facials to repair the ...

SkinPen stimuleert het natuurlijke vermogen van uw huid om zichzelf te herstellen! De variabele diepte (0,25 mm tot 2,5 mm) van SkinPen geeft het de veelzijdigheid om verandering teweeg te brengen in vele delen van het lichaam, inclusief het gezicht, nek, borst, armen, handen, benen, buik en rug. Wilt u […]

SKINPEN® Behandeling bij ASPA Den Haag

Here we would like to share with you 3 simple tips to enhance your routine (and your glow)! 1. Think thinnest to thickest  Thicker, oil based formulas and creams can create a barrier on the skin (which is what makes them so nourishing), so applying your thinner, water based products […]

Layering Your Skincare

IPL Treatments IPL stands for intense pulsed light. You can use IPL to minimize or remove: age spots sun damage freckles birthmarks varicose veins broken blood vessels on your face rosacea What to expect during the procedure Your skin care specialist first cleans the area that’s being treated. Then they […]

Real Results at ASPA Den Haag

This time of the year is the perfect for several face and body treatments such as: 1. pigment removal (IPL treatment or Photo Facial) 2. laser hair removal Let’s focus on pigment removal today! Melanin is a substance in your body that produces hair, eye and skin pigmentation. The more […]

Pigmentation Removal Options

It is the time for something new at ASPA! T SHAPE 2 TREATMENT FOR BODY AND FACE The evolution in the remodeling of the body and rejuvenation of the face WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM THE T-SHAPE 2? This treatment is suitable for body and face and for both women and men. The […]


Do you suffer from pigmentation or redness (couperose) on your skin? If yes, let us inform you what it possible to be done! At ASPA we treat various skin complaints by means of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).  IPL treatment is an effective technique in which light is absorbed by the […]

Do you suffer from pigmentation or redness on your ...