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One of the biggest misconceptions you might face is thinking hyperpigmentation is the same as a scar. When the skin is wounded, with an acne spot for example, it inflames and triggers melanocyte production, which can lead to excessive melanin coming to the surface, causing those dark or red marks. […]

How to reduce post-acne pigmentation and scarring

We had the new client in today and spoke about her struggles with adult acne at the age of 47. We recommended the combination of topical skincare such as AHA’s and Salicylic acid to remove dead skin buildup in pores. Furthermore, vitamins A and B to reduce excess oil production […]

How to deal with adult acne?

Synergie products are supported by clinical data and are entirely free of ethically questionable ingredients. This product range is highly active, easy to use, and most importantly, it visibly improves the health of your skin. This brand is Australian owned and vertically integrated, all products are conceptualised, manufactured, and packaged […]

Why do we like Synergie Skin?

Dermatude Meta Therapy: A natural face lift alternative  Dermatude Meta Therapy is the new method for skin rejuvenation great for skin firming, pigmentation issues, skin hydration and more youthful appearance. We perform this treatment on the entire face, neck, décolleté, or specific areas such as deep or fine lines, acne scarring […]

Dermatude Meta Therapy

HIFU (this stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) at ASPA Den Haag is a new treatment on our offer! It is a unique treatment based on ultrasound to tighten the skin in a non-invasive way. As we get older we are faced with slackening of the skin. The collagen production […]

HIFU Treatment

The facial oils have become a natural beauty standard, but facial oils are not one-kind-fits-all. We recommend to people with acne or sensitive skin should use lighter options, like jojoba or argon oils, that are less likely to clog pores or cause irritation. If your skin is more on the […]

Facial Oils- the trend or real deal in the ...

    ? Dear Friends ? Before we show off our luxurious Christmas gifts (which also made it into the December issue of Vogue), I would like to share a personal story with you. It’s an anecdote from many years back, but one that I still deeply cherish today. It happened in the […]

5 gifts with personality ?  & 1 story I will ...

Snel verlost van striae! Striae is een veelvoorkomende, bijzondere vorm van littekenweefsel. Wil jij volgende zomer weer zonder zorgen in je bikini rond kunnen lopen? Bij ons in de salon komt de HBO huidtherapeut van Cosmetique Totale. Zij is naast striae behandelingen ook gespecialiseerd in definitief ontharen, pigmentvlekken en acnelittekens […]

Striae behandeling Den Haag

Glorious September and time to start with skin peels again. Here at ASPA we offer a selection of different peels to suit every skin type. Let us introduce it to you: EmerginC Blue Poppy Enzyme Polish A synergistic blend of enzymatic and gentle physical exfoliants combine to effectively remove dead […]

Skin Peels At ASPA

Skincare and the good face cleanser are the best friends. Daily skincare routine starts and finishes with the good face cleanser! There are many face cleansers on the market! Many! How to chose the right one?! At ASPA we strongly believe in the clean ingredients. If you can eat it […]

Skincare Starts With The Good Face Cleanser

We really enjoy sending you special offers, organic beauty tips and other beauty news via our newsletter. Nonetheless, it’s important to us that you actually want to receive these news and offers! This is why we’re sending you this E-mail. NEW PRIVACY REGULATIONS As you might have heard, new privacy and […]

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Phenomenal ? protection or, as we call it, “Makeup Alchemy” by Jane Iredale Ahh.. this is why mineral-based makeup is so great! Did you know that the mineral ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in Jane Iredale’s foundation physically block UV rays. They function much like tiny mirrors reflecting and refracting the damaging rays! Read […]

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