About the founder Azra

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ASPA About the founder Azra

About the founder of ASPA

It all started with botany 

About the founder – “I started ASPA as a natural expression of my educational background and interests. After learning about the power of different plants early on, I decided to study plants and botany at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (United Kingdom). After that, I spent many years in the sales and marketing of fresh organic produce.

About following my dream 

While in the organic produce business, I dreamed about setting up a salon and spa that can bring together honest, natural beauty products, the latest tech-driven treatments. So the work journey took me from the botanist to the organic fresh produce marketing executive and the now the beauty therapist.

I’m regularly asked about my reasons for avoiding mainstream face, body and  haircare formulations, but rarely am I asked about my motivations for choosing clean beauty.

I choose clean beauty for two reasons:

1. Plants have great benefits to offer to our skin and hair.

The mainstream cosmetics industry has for the longest time given us the impression that their formulations are complex combinations made from their laboratories’ finest free-flowing synthetic chemicals. Their marketing ‘techno-babble’ plays perfectly into this image.

However, the recent growth in clean beauty has shown us that when consumers demand organic formulations that are ‘free from’ certain chemicals, the mainstream industry suddenly tones down the high tech rhetoric and starts waxing lyrical about their botanical origins instead.

Using plants to nourish and protect our skin is not new. Before we embraced our synthetic serums and conditioners, people used vegetables, fruit,dairy products and herbs, to name but a few of the ingredients upon which today’s beauty products are based.

Scientific research into the topical benefits of plants is ongoing around the world. Researchers are finding that certain botanical extracts can match or surpass their lab-based counterparts.

2. Clean beauty ties together the concepts of wellbeing and beauty.

The truth is that I hardly wear any make-up except Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up, I use my skincare regulary and I believe a healthy and happy woman and/or man are the most beautiful self.

A holistic approach 

At ASPA, we specialise in helping you get a radiant skin and a fitter, healthier, and more relaxed body. That’s because we firmly believe in the ‘fit body, fit mind’ saying; only when we eat right, exercise regularly, use natural products, and get personalised spa treatments can we be truly healthy.

I’d love to hear from you 

If you like to get in touch, please contact me at info@aspadirect.com or 070 345 0215. I hope to see you in ASPA The Hague soon! For an overview of our treatments, have a look here.”