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About us: What ASPA Den Haag stands for

Welcome to ASPA Den Haag! Read more about us here.

About us Azra the founder

About us – “My name is Azra Secerbegovic, and I’m the founder of ASPA, a place to find healthy, natural products and treatments that your skin and soul crave! My personal mission is to help you realise that you can look beautiful without using quick fixes and harsh chemicals on your skin. With a passion for nutrition, wellbeing and skincare I embarked on my ASPA journey in 2008. Priory to that I studied and worked as the botanist (The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) then moved into the more commercial roles in the organic fresh produce industry. “

I’m regularly asked about my reasons for avoiding mainstream face, body and  haircare formulations. However, I am rarely asked about my motivations for choosing clean beauty. The products that we use at ASPA are based on combining the best of cosmeceutical science and nature while never testing on animals and excluding questionable ingredients such as parabens and harmful preservatives, artificial colors, petroleum byproducts and mineral oil, sodium sulfates, PEG, and propylene.

I choose clean beauty for two reasons:

1. Plants have great benefits to offer to our skin and hair.

The mainstream cosmetics industry has for the longest time given us the impression that their formulations are complex combinations, made from their laboratories’ finest free-flowing synthetic chemicals. In addition, their marketing ‘techno-babble’ plays perfectly into this image.

However, the recent growth in clean beauty has shown us that consumers demand organic formulations that are ‘free from’ certain chemicals. In this case, the mainstream industry suddenly tones down the high tech rhetoric and starts focusing about their botanical origins instead.

Using plants to nourish and protect our skin is not new.  In fact, before we embraced our synthetic serums and conditioners, people used vegetables, fruit,dairy products and herbs. Yet, these are just a few of the ingredients upon which today’s beauty products are based.

Furthermore, scientific research into the topical benefits of plants is ongoing around the world. Researchers are finding that certain botanical extracts can match or surpass their lab-based counterparts.

2. Clean beauty ties together the concepts of wellbeing and beauty.

The truth is that I hardly wear any make-up except Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up, I use my skincare regulary and I believe a healthy and happy woman and/or man are the most beautiful self.

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Personalised ASPA Skin Analysis

You can also book ASPA The Hague’s Skin Analysis for tailor-made, in-depth advice. No two people have the same skin, or skin issues. Everything we do at ASPA is bespoke – we take you on a skin journey for your skin and your needs. We don’t like to treat the skin without a consultation. This includes in-depth photos with a specialised camera, and lifestyle analysis. We can’t help until we know what is happening underneath the surface.  These photos help us track your skins journey. We will also recommend a range of skin care products that we think will help best with your skin concerns. We use Visia Skin Analysis machine in our consultations.


ASPA’s story

We’re proud to be part of the dynamic network of businesses in the bustling Aert van der Goesstraat .

ASPA Den Haag Aert van Goesstraat

What our customers say

“Top quality, always relaxing” – Ellie D.

“A great, truly international salon in The Hague” – Tripadvisor review

“Faultless Facials” – Jvan K.

“It took me years to find a good beautician in The Hague.  Azra will give you what your skin really needs at the time!” – Anastasia B.

“Best place in the Haag! I love the service, the relationship and the professional advise, best for sensitive skin!” – Dana N.