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A British success story 

A high concentration of ingredients with medical background, luxurious packaging and innovative products, that is what Margaret Dabbs stands for.

ASPA Den Haag Kosmetiek feature

Having been in the business since 1998, Margaret Dabbs is a specialist when it comes to hand and foot care. With a history in foot care and podology, Dabbs knows exactly what tired

hands and feet need. It seemed only natural  therefore that Margaret soon started to develop her own products. And in effect, the British foot care pioneer’s product line became so popular, that she launched her own brand Margaret Dabbs Footcare in 2004, all that while consistently expanding her exclusive Foot Clinics and Nail Spa’s in sought after locations in the UK. In 2015, Margaret Dabbs launched her second professional product line, Margaret Dabbs Hands Care. Another product line taking the beauty world by storm.

Margaret Dabbs ASPA Den Haag

Margaret Dabbs

An unshakable trust in nature 

Dabbs’ products contain organic Emu oil which is well known for its healing, hydrating and ant-aging  properties. In addition, she makes use of lemon myrtle as well as vitamin E and wild rose extracts. Both have a protecting and strengthening effect on nails. What is important to note is that Margaret Dabbs uses no aggressive chemicals to achieve the desired results. In that sense, Margaret and Azra have a lot in common. But probably most of all their unshakable trust in the power of nature.

Margaret Dabbs: Welcome to the Netherlands

Azra ASPA Den Haag


ASPA prides itself in offering only carefully curated products that align with our own values, like only using effective organic products that free of harmful substances or customising treatments to fit the individual customer. Thanks to her international knowledge in botany and organic cosmetics, the founder of ASPA, Azra, personally studies and selects all beauty products that are offered at ASPA. With a strong belief in the product line’s holistic goodness, a personal connection to the founder Margaret and having witnessed the astonishing results herself, Margaret Dabbs’ products were a natural choice for Azra.  Moreover, Azra has decided to not only offer Margaret Dabbs products in her own beauty salon, but also sell them to other luxurious beauty spas. And just like that, Maragret Dabbs made her debut in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Experience the difference 

Are  you curious to experience how these luxurious, natural products can revive and revitalise your hands and feet? Would you like to find out more about one or more of the products? We would like to welcome you to experience a level of natural foot and hand care that will make you never look back!

Have a look at more Margaret Dabbs products here. Or make an appointment for a revitalising and relaxing treatment.  


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